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Bathing in a hot tub is an intimate and pleasant way to socialize - many people end up sitting in the tub for several hours. Having a stove outside the hot tub provides more space inside the tub. The hot tub comfortably accommodates almost as many people as our large 2 m model. The difference is that it requires 500 liters less water. It is also possible to place the stove at a distance from the hot tub, which can be important if the hot tub is located close to a house. Of course, we want to offer the best hot tub and stove on the market.

Simple - easy to maintain - elegant



Care guide - Hot tub with external heater

Choose between electric heater or high-efficiency stove

Med mer än 25 års tillverkning av badtunnor vet vi hur viktigt det är med en snabb och lättskött kamin. Efter omfattande tester har vi fått fram en vedeldadkamin vi är nöjda med som tillverkas i Sverige utifrån all den kunskap vi har kring vedeldade badtunnor. Kaminen är lätt att elda och enkel att göra ren. Den är självklart vattenmantlad runt om. Vattnet cirkulerar genom självtryck när kaminen blir varm och ingen el behövs. Kamin och badtunna töms genom att öppna en kulventil. På den är en slanganslutning monterad. Skorstenen som ingår är av rostfri plåt och det går att köpa till gnistskydd och brännskydd. Om du istället vill ha en el-uppvärmd badtunna kan du välja mellan en värmare med 2kW och 3kW effekt. Tänk på att inte ha en för stor värmare så att säkringen håller. Om du har en 10A säkring ska du välja en värmare med 2kW effekt och för en värmare med 3kW effekt krävs minst 16A.

Don't burn down the house

We have chosen a top-fed wood-burning stove. The advantage is that no embers or sparks can fall out. With a stove where the wood is loaded from the side, there is a risk of embers falling out. Usually, the hot tub is placed on a deck or similar. Embers that fall under the floor can cause a disaster that no one wants to be part of. Therefore, we think that our model of stove feels better to sell.

Real brass fittings

We have chosen to use high-quality brass fittings and ball valves that are pressure tested for the connection between the heater and the bathtub. They have virtually eternal durability. Our hoses are of the same type as reinforced radiator hoses, and they can withstand both heat and cold. We use stainless steel hose clamps. Our approach is that cheap fittings and hoses will cause problems for the customer in the future.

Our insert is placed in a real wooden tub

The floor and walls of the wooden tub are 36 mm thick, which provides excellent insulation and no further insulation is needed. It also prevents rats and other pests from building nests in the underside of the tub. The bottom of the wooden tub is screwed onto three sturdy pressure-treated beams measuring 45x95 with 70 mm acid-resistant screws, making the tub ready to be placed. Tubs are also sold without a bottom, with side boards that are only 10 mm thick and simply screwed on. These may be cheap to produce and look nice, but are hardly durable or functional. For us, this is not an option. The bands around the tub are made of stainless steel, a very strong and proven construction that we have had for 22 years and over 15,000 tubs. Keep this in mind if you plan to keep your tub for maybe 30 years.

Insert made of HD-PE plastic

Our insert is made of the same material as our bestseller 1.8. This insert is also 1.8 meters in diameter and holds about 1,500 liters of water. There are benches around the tub, comfortably angled for the best seating comfort and easy to clean. Always ready to use. The production of the insert takes place in Sweden, and it is available in blue or dark gray.


We use the same hard cover for this model as for our luxury tub, the Royal.

Severe cold

If you plan to use the hot tub during the winter in very cold weather, it is important to drain all the water after use. Otherwise, the heater may freeze and break. During very cold weather, the water can also freeze in the heater while filling the tub. Trying to heat the tub in these conditions can result in damaging the heater. If you see this as a problem, we recommend our hot tub with a heater inside the tub. It heats up quickly and can withstand several decimeters of ice without any risk of damage. Some companies may not mention this or recommend electric heating. However, if the power goes out, the heater may freeze and break.


When the tub arrives at the customer's home, everything needed for assembly is included in the delivery. The customer will need to install the hoses between the tub and the heater. This is the only thing needed, then it's just a matter of filling with water, starting the fire, and bathing.

Swedish manufacturing - 25 years of experience

Hos Sotarns Badtunnor får du en badtunna som är framtagen genom 22 års erfarenhet av badtunnetillverkning och över 15 000 tillverkade badtunnor. Vi tar alla komponenter från ledande svenska tillverkare och all montering sker i Sverige.

Real wooden hot tub with bottom and walls in 36 mm Northern late-grown spruce.

Med en riktig trätunna runt insatsen blir det en luftspalt mellan träet och glasfibern som ger en “termoseffekt” vilket gör att tunnan värms snabbare och hålls varm längre. Viktigast av allt tycker vi är att tunnan har en riktig botten.  Det har många fördelar för att:
  • This avoids ground cold and moisture from below
  • Rats and vermin do not build nests in the bottom of the barrel
  • The hot tub is ready to display and use
Product info:

Outer diameter of the hot tub: 1.87 m
Outer diameter with rim: 2.04 m
Inner diameter: 1.8 m
Seat depth: 0.67 m
Water consumption: approximately 1,600 liters
Seats: approximately 7-9


Blue, Dark grey


VAT is included at 25% of the stated price of the product


Capmaign-lid for Hot tub with external heater, No lid


Frakt 2500:- Gäller hela ordern

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