Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to share our many years of knowledge when it comes to hot tubs.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at Sotarns Hot Tubs.

The advantage of a high hot tub is that if it's windy and 20 degrees below freezing, you'll be sitting in a sheltered spot. The disadvantage, as we've found, is that you can't see out of the hot tub. To see out of a high hot tub, high benches are required. Sitting on high benches is like sitting at a kitchen table, a position that most people found less comfortable for long periods of time in the hot tub. This then requires significantly more water and a longer heating time. Therefore, we have found that 90 cm is suitable because you have water up to your neck, but can still see out of the hot tub. We have completely stopped building high hot tubs.

The seating depth of the hot tub is 67 cm from the bench to the edge. The pictures on the side show two different tall men, one who is 174 cm tall and one who is 196 cm tall. When they are sitting down, both can sit comfortably in the hot tub and the edge goes above their shoulders, so both get water all the way up and avoid getting cold.

When it's around -10 degrees Celsius outside, it takes several days for aheated hot tub with the cover over the entire tub and water left in it to freeze completely. Nothing is damaged if there is 10 cm of ice on the surface.

It is not suitable to leave the water in the hot tub for an extended period of time when it is very cold outside. If the bottom freezes, both the tub and stove can be damaged.

A wooden hot tub doesn't need to have any water left to be tight during winter time. In the spring, one can leave about 10 cm of water in the bottom without damaging the tub if it freezes.

30 degrees below zero and a starry sky is an unforgettable experience. Sitting in a hot tub with a full snowstorm around you is a mix of adventure and pleasure - something to talk about for a long time! Going out to the hot tub in the winter can be cold, but it's wonderful to slide into the warm water. After bathing, you're so warmed up that the cold doesn't even feel that bad, even if it's really cold outside.

The heat from the hot tub water makes one forget that it can be cold around the head and neck. It can be wise to wear a hat and maybe a scarf. If it is very windy, it may be wise to create something that provides shelter.

If ice forms in the hot tub before you have had a chance to heat it up, it is not a problem. 10 cm of ice does not damage the hot tub. Do not let the water in the bottom of the hot tub freeze, as it can damage the stove and the hot tub. If the bottom has frozen, fill the hot tub with 10 cm of water before starting the fire. Contact us if you have any questions about a hot tub with a frozen bottom. A wooden hot tub does not need water in the winter to remain tight, so it is best to drain all the water. If you want to bathe several times in the same water, of course you can save it. It takes many days for the water to start freezing if it has been heated to the bathing temperature. A cover prevents the water from cooling down.

The choice of spruce wood for our hot tubs is simple. Since ancient times, boats have been built of spruce wood here in Norrland, despite the availability of dense pine wood. The similarity between a wooden boat and a hot tub is great. The boat constantly has water on the outside, and the hot tub constantly on the inside.

We use 36 mm for the floor and sides of the hot tubs. Having 36 mm in the floor of the hot tub is the most important for getting a functional hot tub for many years. The side boards have a milled groove and the floor boards should swell tightly in this groove. We have tried using thinner floor boards but found that they get increasingly difficult to swell tightly after about 1 year.

We only use acid-resistant screws and stainless steel bands for our hot tubs. Regular galvanized or zinc-plated screws are not suitable for use with hot tubs. They will rust over time and eventually break.

If you want to have an electrically heated hot tub, you should buy one made of plastic that is built only for electric heating. A wooden hot tub cannot hold the heat even with 5-10 kW in the winter. Even in the summer, you have to use electricity for a long time before reaching the desired bathing temperature.

Dry birch firewood is the best to use in the hot tub stove, but if you have other types of firewood, it can be used as well. Keep in mind that spruce gives off a lot of sparks, so a spark arrestor may be helpful. Our hot tub stove can hold firewood up to 90 cm in length.

Depending on the size, wood, and the person who is burning it, it takes from about 1 hour up to 2.5 hours to get the hot tub ready to bathe in. Check the specific models of plastic or wooden hot tubs for more specific times.

Yes, it's fine. Our unique stove is made of aluminum and can withstand saltwater without any problems.

Place the hot tub in a way that allows for air circulation underneath to avoid mold and mildew. It can be placed on a bed of gravel, decking, pressure-treated planks, old railroad ties, stone pavers, or similar materials. You can also watch our installation video that demonstrates how to set up the hot tub upon delivery.

We recommend oiling the outside of the hot tub, preferably 1-2 times per year.

Through a 25mm hole in the bottom of the hot tub, the water is drained out. It is also possible to connect a hose to the bottom valve. Check out our hose connection for hot tub as well.

It can be good to keep water in a wooden hot tub made of spruce without an insert when it is dry and warm outside, otherwise it may dry out. It is usually easier to clean a hot tub and fill it with new water than to water it tightly if the hot tub has been standing for a long time. To reduce algae formation in the hot tub if the water is not drained for a long time, you can add chlorine-free disinfection specially designed for hot tubs, but it is not necessary.

It is enough to clean the hot tub with soap and water. Be very careful if you use a pressure washer as wood is easily damaged by the strong steel.

It is important to think about the purity of the water. Bacteria naturally exist in e.g. lake and seawater, but in most cases it is completely harmless to use this water. However, you should bear in mind that hot water increases the amount of bacteria. If you are unsure, you can add chlorine-free disinfection to the water, which then kills all bacteria. If you want the water to remain in the hot tub even longer, we recommend a purification plant in combination with chlorine-free disinfection. When you have finished using the water, drain it and scrub the hot tub with soap. If you are going to use it directly but only quickly change the water, we recommend chlorine-free disinfection to be sure that no old bacteria remain.

We made our first hot tubs with U-spont in the belief that this invention from the USA would be good. It soon turned out that the hot tubs were difficult to seal and above all if they dried out completely, then they were almost impossible to seal again. It is important to get a wooden hot tub without a tight insert. Some people use silicone to seal the hot tubs but we didn't want to do that. With our current sheeting, the barrels are easy to seal and they are especially easy to seal again if they have been completely dried out. That this slat would be weaker is just a bad sales trick from some competitors. Our model is manufactured in over 14,000 copies without the slightest problem either with new or several years old barrels.

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