Hot Tub with a 1.8 m Liner

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Hot tub with insert for the real life connoisseur. This type of hot tub requires minimal work. There will be time left to really have a good swimming life. The insert is placed in a real wooden bathtub. It gives a beautiful appearance and the hot tub is completely ready to use when you get it home.

With an insert, the hot tub is always ready to use, It uses less water, heats up faster, easy to maintain, easy to clean and much longer lasting.

Fast heating, high combustion temperature and no smoke

Very important for a hot tub is that it must heat up quickly, otherwise it risks being left standing for no use. Our stove is made based on the knowledge available around modern wood burning. Our efficient stove is very popular with our customers and has a large part in us being so big in the market.

This product is available in a larger size 2.0 m:

Link to Hot tub with insert 2.0

Click on the link below to see the Hot Tub Care Guide
Hot tub with insert Care Guide

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Product info:

  • Outer diameter of the hot tub: 1.87 m
  • Outer diameter with rim: 2.04 m
  • Inner diameter: 1.8 m
  • Height with rim and bottom logs: 0.95 m
  • Length of bottom log in the middle: 1.76 meters
  • Length of the side rails: 1.12 meters.
  • Distance between the logs: 0.66 m
  • Depth with rim: 0.82 m
  • Seat depth: 0.67 m
  • Bench height: 0.15 m
  • Weight: 180 kg
  • Water consumption: approximately 1,500 liters


The insert

Our bestseller plastic hot tub with a length of 1.8 meters has received a new type of HD-PE plastic liner. With the new liner, we can meet the demand for the hot tub without compromising on quality. Our new liner provides:

  • Quicker production
  • Less inventory holding
  • More impact-resistant insert results in less transportation damage.
  • Less weight gives easier handling
  • Manufacturing in a factory provides cheaper shipping
  • Environmentally friendly

Real wooden barrel with bottom and walls in 36 mm Northern late-grown spruce

With a proper wooden tub around the insert, there is an air gap between the wood and the insert that creates a "thermos effect" which makes the tub heat up faster and stay warm longer.

We think the most important thing is that the hot tub has a real bottom. It has many advantages to:

  • This avoids ground cold and moisture from below
  • Rats and vermin do not build nests in the bottom of the barrel
  • The hot tub is ready to display and use

Sotarns  Badtunnor AB

Product info:

Outer diameter of the hot tub: 1.87 m
Outer diameter with rim: 2.04 m
Inner diameter: 1.8 m
Seat depth: 0.67 m
Water consumption: approximately 1,500 liters
Seats: approx. 6-7 + child seats

Swedish-made stainless stove

Very high flow rate provides rapid heating
Brass hose connections
Stainless smoke pipe included


Blue, Dark grey


1.8 m


VAT is included at 25% of the stated price of the product


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